Accounting Updates

Recent updates to Sage One Accounting.
  • 2016
  • Sep

    Release: September 2016

    Some users prefer to post their Payroll Journals into Sage One themselves and you can now choose to prevent Sage One Payroll posting directly.

    Updates in this Release

    • Trial Balance: Additional date options and custom dates have been added.
    • Report Filters: Years will now be displayed as the financial year-end date. For example: Financial Year 1 March 2016 to 28 February 2017 will no longer be referred to as the 2016 year, but 2017.
    • Transaction User Defined Fields: Transaction user defined fields have been implemented on Banking and Journals. To add additional information to your transactions, access the user defined fields from the Detail section in Banking and Journals.

    Banking Changes – Duplicate Transactions

    Based on feedback we have received from many of our customers, we have made the following changes for duplicates:

    • Duplicates Found: This will no longer open up the Detail section and require you to select View Duplicates – it will automatically open the Possible Duplicate Transactions pop-up.
    • Keep Duplicates: A new bulk action button has been added to select to keep duplicate transactions.

    Support Notifications

    Remember to regularly check our Support Notifications page for updates and bank feed delays or issues.

    Multi-Currency and Time Tracking – Beta ends 1 October 2016!

    After a successful beta for Multi-Currency and Time Tracking, these features will remain free until 30 September 2016. From 1 October, there will be a charge of R79 per month, per company.

  • May

    Release: May 2016

    Updates in this Release

    • Discounts: Enter a Discount Amount (not only a %) on your invoice lines.
    • Account Category Grouping: Find Accounts easily with new grouping by category:
    • Company Settings: Disallow selling of items below zero quantity.
    • Additional Report Drill Downs: Drill down on any report - to source transaction or previews on documents.
    • Additional Contact Selection when Emailing: Choose additional email addresses from your list of contacts on customers and suppliers when emailing your quotes and invoices.
    • Recurring Invoices: Make use of Document User Defined Fields to add additional information to your invoices.
    • Purchase Order Status: Manage your purchase orders easily to quickly view which ones to follow up on.

    Batch Updates to Lists

    Update one or more customers, suppliers or items quickly and easily using the Update button on the list grids.

    Company Notes and Attachments

    Struggling to find the attachments you have linked to transactions?

    Attachments are all listed in one place now - under Company Notes and Attachments. Filter and search to quickly find the attachment you are looking for - you can even drill down directly to the transaction from this page.

    Invite Support User

    Invite a Sage One support agent to a company to expedite any queries you have on Sage One. You will be in total control – from sending the invite (without disclosing any of your login details), to cancelling it and removing access to your company.

  • Feb

    Release: February 2016

    Supplier Batch Payments

    *Available in certain countries only

    Streamline your monthly admin process with Supplier Payments from Sage Pay. You are able to pay all of your outstanding supplier invoices conveniently from one central place.

    Simply click which Suppliers or specific invoices you wish to pay and Sage One will send a batch file through to Sage Pay for you to authorise for payment. At the same time the invoices in Sage One will be automatically allocated.

    Sage One Report Writer

    No two businesses are the same. Report Writer gives you the freedom to view your data from a different angle by interacting with your reports, and even to tweak your reports to suit your unique requirements.

    Sage One Report Writer connects to your Sage One data and securely loads it into the Report Writer where you will be able to customise your Financial Statement reporting.


    • Send invoices and make purchases in different currencies.
    • Set up bank accounts in other currencies.
    • Get the latest end of day Exchange Rate automatically from Sage One or set up custom rates.
    • Manage currency fluctuations easily - Sage One calculates your unrealised and realised foreign exchange gains or losses automatically.
    • Send invoices and make purchases in different currencies.